Compost windrow turner sent from factory to Estonia

A customer from Estonia has ordered a windrow turner for the production of organic fertilizer. The compost processed by this equipment can only be used in agriculture. The compost is further processed by the organic fertilizer granulator, which is high-quality organic fertilizer. Now the equipment is sent from our factory to the port.
compost windrow turner

Difference between the windrow turner and the trough compost turning machine

At present, the main types of turner are two types of windrow turner and trough compost turning machine. The biggest difference between the two is that the windrow turner machine works on four tires. The tank turner needs to build a fermentation tank to work the turner frame on the tank. The following is a detailed description of the pile turning machine.

The characteristics of the windrow turner are as follows:

1. Composting machine is used for composting large area of pig manure or other organic manure materials. The organic manure materials are stacked into chopping shape, and the width can be determined according to the working width of the windrow turner machine. The rapid composting can be realized through the back and forth turning of the dumper. The advantage of this kind of equipment is that it is not limited by the site and flexible.

2. According to the principle of aerobic fermentation, the windrow turner machine has the space to give full play to its functions.