New fertilizer production plant sent to Jordan

On June 5, under the busy loading task, our factory sent a batch of organic fertilizer production equipment to Jordan. This brand-new fertilizer machine is a hot-selling product of our factory, which is very suitable for waste disposal on the farm.
New fertilizer production plant sent to Jordan

There are two kinds of organic fertilizer production lines: powder line and particle line. With our understanding of the disadvantages of chemical fertilizer and people's pursuit of organic life, the current fertilizer is mostly organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, so what kind of help does organic fertilizer have to soil improvement? Organic fertilizer can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil organic matter. Increasing the application of organic fertilizer and increasing the content of soil organic matter are the main links to improve the soil fertility. Organic matter can increase the aeration, water permeability and water storage of soil, and improve the growth environment of root system.

Equipment required for powder organic fertilizer production line: compost turning machine, crusher, packaging machine, etc. The production cost per ton of powder fertilizer production plant is low, but the price of organic fertilizer is also low. Equipment required for the production line of granular organic fertilizer: fermentation turning machine, pulverizer, disc granulator machine (or flat die extrusion pellet mill, organic fertilizer granulator), screening machine, drum dryer, cooling machine, packaging machine, etc. The equipment investment is high, and the value of the finished organic fertilizer after the output is high. There are many types of organic fertilizer production equipment from Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers. We formulate different organic fertilizer production line schemes according to the customer's materials and output.

The investment of granular organic fertilizer production plant is larger than that of powder fertilizer equipment. Generally, the powdered organic fertilizer is cheaper than the granular organic fertilizer, and the price of high-quality organic fertilizer is much higher than that of ordinary fertilizer. The profit of a ton of chicken manure organic fertilizer can not be separated from the cost and revenue. The cost of one ton of chicken manure organic fertilizer includes organic fertilizer equipment, plant construction, labor and other costs. In terms of revenue, affected by the performance of organic fertilizer, the price per ton of organic fertilizer is different. If you want to know about equipment investment and construction of small organic fertilizer production line, feel free to consult us.