Malaysia order large angle belt conveyor delivery

Malaysian customers have ordered a large angle belt conveyor from Tianci organic fertilizer production equipment factory. The equipment has been manufactured, loaded in the factory and successfully sent to the port.
Malaysia order large angle belt conveyor delivery

Large angle belt conveyor is suitable for the transportation of bulk materials such as fertilizer, grain, coal, etc. it has small floor area, large transportation angle and wide application. In the fertilizer industry, it also plays a great role in the processing of NPK fertilizer production line.

On the basis of the existing large slope remote control traction monorail large angle belt conveyor, our factory designs a new scheme, and improves the remote control control box to make it applicable to the terrain unlimited, and more safe and reliable at the same time. It is considered that the drum part of the electric winch of the traction type monorail belt conveyor with large inclination angle should be reformed, and the driving wheel should be used instead of the drum to wind the steel wire rope. Only a little change should be made to the winding way of the steel wire rope on the driving wheel set.

With the progress of science and technology, the improvement of detection means, and the constant update of manufacturing technology of large angle belt conveyor, our construction machinery and equipment need regular detection and forced maintenance. Regular inspection is to use modern non disintegrating technology to inspect instruments and equipment, and regularly inspect the technical conditions of various parts of the large angle belt conveyor, so as to replace the past diagnosis only based on experience. First, after the equipment has been running for a certain period of time, carry out comprehensive inspection of technical conditions according to the requirements, and determine the content, scope and depth of equipment maintenance operations through inspection, so that the maintenance operations are more targeted, so as to prevent transitional maintenance and reduce maintenance costs. Second, this method can be used to carry out regular spot check on the equipment and supervise the maintenance quality.

The whole production process of fertilizer includes crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, cooler, screening machine and other equipment. The belt conveyor plays a connecting role and ensures the smooth operation of the whole production line. The large angle belt conveyor meets the requirements of some large angles.