Loading picture of NPK fertilizer production plant exported to Malaysia

This month, Tianci fertilizer equipment factory has another NPK fertilizer production process plant loaded and sent to Malaysia. This set of fertilizer production equipment is used for NPK fertilizer ingredients and granulation, suitable for a variety of formulas, and is a complete set of equipment for compound fertilizer processing.
NPK fertilizer plant to Malaysia

Technology and quality are important factors for the development of fertilizer equipment industry. For consumers, only products with high technology content and best comprehensive quality can attract their attention. Therefore, for many years, many enterprises have been trying to improve the technology level and quality of fertilizer equipment in order to successfully maximize market share, For enterprises, if they want to enhance the technical strength of fertilizer equipment and achieve its quality, it is not a very simple thing. It not only requires enterprises to pay most of their energy, but also has enough endurance to achieve this goal. For many years, Tianci equipment factory has made great efforts to improve the technology of fertilizer granulator machine, reduce costs and improve equipment quality.

Nowadays, the innovation cycle of modern social market is very short, so at the same time, there are more and more requirements for all aspects of fertilizer equipment, especially for its technology and quality. No matter in what era, technological innovation is always the theme of the development of the times. For fertilizer equipment enterprises, without technological innovation, there will be no progress, and there will be no opportunity for market development. In the new era of the 21st century, enterprises should pay more attention to the integration of high-tech fertilizer equipment and high quality in the United States. Only in this way can they get a foothold in the market Land.

The equipment we sent to Malaysia adopts automatic batching system and other technologies to improve the accuracy of batching, realize automatic flow processing of fertilizer, reduce human labor and improve production efficiency. The double roller fertilizer granulator is used for the granulation of NPK fertilizer production process, which greatly saves production cost and makes the granulation process simpler.