Disc granulation NPK fertilizer production line sent to Nigeria

Tianci fertilizer factory recently delivered a set of NPK fertilizer production line to Nigeria. The fertilizer production line includes disc granulator machine, batching system, dryer, cooler, crusher, mixer, packaging machine, etc.
disc granulator machine sent to Nigeria

Since the development of agricultural production, people have realized that excessive application of chemical fertilizers has brought us serious environmental pollution problems, the reduction or disappearance of biodiversity, the degradation of natural fertility caused by soil hardening, the pollution of groundwater resources and food safety problems.

Compound fertilizer makes more people see its development potential, and various NPK fertilizer production lines are also widely developed in China. We provide different types of NPK fertilizer production line equipment for you to choose from. One of them is the disc granulation production line with high degree of automation. The whole production of organic fertilizer can be completed by using a small amount of labor. The price of the whole production line is relatively expensive, so investors can rationally choose the fertilizer production line suitable for their own situation.