Roller granulator fertilizer production equipment shipped to Nigeria

This week our factory shipped a roller granulator fertilizer production line to Nigeria.
Roller granulator fertilizer production equipment shipped to Nigeria

This set of organic fertilizer production equipment with roller pelletizer as the core, granulating materials. By changing the groove form of the roller surface, the plate, strip and flat spherical materials can be obtained. According to the needs of granulation operation, the extrusion pressure of the roller press granulator can be adjusted by the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder.

Compared with the traditional granulator, roller extrusion granulator has many advantages, among which extrusion molding is more obvious. The double roller extrusion granulator has high granulation rate and can work normally even in rainy days. The principle of extruding granulator is to extrude powder material by roll extrusion to form particles of various shapes.

The working principle of roller granulator is as follows:

All kinds of dry powder materials are added from the top of the double roller extrusion granulator, and then enter into the counter roll through degassing and screw top pressure. In the case of large extrusion pressure of roller pelletizer, the material is deformed and compressed into plate. After crushing, granulation and screening of scale materials, the granulated products were obtained.

We have technologically advanced fertilizer granulator, compost turning machine, grinder, batching system, packaging machine, and a variety of high-quality fertilizer production line equipment. Since our factory was founded, it has played an important role in the fertilizer industry.
Roller granulator fertilizer production equipment shipped to NigeriaRoller granulator fertilizer production equipment shipped to Nigeria

In after-sales service

1. Training
Before the purchaser uses the equipment normally, the commissioning personnel of our company go to the local area to assist in the installation and train the relevant personnel. Including equipment maintenance, maintenance, timely repair of common faults, and equipment operating procedures.
2. Quality Assurance.
3. Equipment maintenance.
4. Supply of spare parts.