Double roller fertilizer granulator shipped to Turkey

Yesterday, we shipped a double roller fertilizer granulator to Turkey, which is characterized by its twin rolls compared to other granulators. In the selection of roll material, we choose medium carbon steel plate with high hardness and strength. It is welded from channel steel, and after strict quality control and process requirements, there are hoisting holes in the four corners of the frame for use in loading, unloading and transportation.
Double roller fertilizer granulator to Turkey

In a standard fertilizer manufacturing process, there will inevitably be the situation of returning material. In order to realize the automatic production of the whole NPK compound fertilizer production line, a belt conveyor will be added to transport the screened powder back to the double roller fertilizer granulator for re-granulation. Because of its own characteristics - no dry extrusion granulation, the returned dry powder can easily form particles again. Moreover, according to our experience, the extrusion forming rate and strength of the powder with potassium sulfate and recycled material will be improved with the mixing of the screened powder. It may be that after one extrusion, the particle size composition of the sifted powder is different from that of the raw material. More fine materials can fill the gap between the raw material particles during extrusion forming, so that the forming rate of the particles is increased and the strength is slightly increased, so the second extrusion effect of potassium sulfate powder is better. 
Since the whole NPK fertilizer production line forms a loop, in addition to the manpower, in addition to the need to feed the mixing, the packaging machine needs to be bagged, and other links need not be guarded, and the automation is basically realized. Therefore, the roller extrusion granulator is widely used in the production of dry powder granulation compound fertilizer.

Because the roller extrusion fertilizer granulator is a pair of rollers covered with hemispherical spherical sockets rotating in opposite direction to achieve granulation, the relative position of the spherical sockets is very high, and the adjustment directly affects the granulation effect. After the granulator strictly presses and granulates, the raw material utilization rate of the roller extrusion granulator can reach more than 85%. Since there is no processing in the middle, there is basically no waste discharge.