BB Fertilizer Production Equipment China of Manufacturers Shipped to Nigeria

Nigerian customers have ordered a whole set of BB fertilizer production line equipment, which has been loaded and shipped from our factory. China's Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers caters to different market demands with excellent design and professional equipment characteristics.

1.BB fertilizer production line equipment advantages: beautiful appearance, reasonable design, simple operation, accurate measurement.

2.Equipment features: high accuracy, fast speed, low energy consumption, small occupation of land.

3.BB fertilizer production line configuration: raw material conveying system, material measurement system, bb fertilizer mixer, product packaging machine, high performance control system.
BB Fertilizer Production Line Equipment to Nigeria

Main Equipment Functions of BB Fertilizer Production Line:
Batch metering system: single bag metering, metering range 20-60 kg adjustable, actuator using pneumatic drive, two-stage feeding of size and size; this system uses shock-proof processing, multi-stage filtering technology, various materials can be measured independently or accumulatively, with their own rough metering, precision metering and overshoot compensation, ensuring metering accuracy. According to different models, the weighing scale can be divided into single scale bucket and multi scale bucket, and the raw materials can be 3 to 8 kinds.

BB Fertilizer Blender: Double helix mixing device is adopted, mixing uniformly and producing efficiency is high. Single bag mixing, mixing range of 20-60 kg, overcomes the disadvantage of material separation in the production process of large ingredients, and saves costs. According to different models, BB fertilizer blender has single mixing cylinder and double mixing cylinder to choose from.

High-performance control system: The batching instrument adopted by our company has extraordinary function of batching control, humanized operation interface, intuitive and simple operation; it adopts dual CPU hardware structure and all industrial-grade chips. The instrument adopts power supply multiple filtering technology, input and output photoelectric isolation, resistance and capacitance filtering, transient voltage suppressor over-voltage protection technology, software digital filtering, a variety of data verification measures and a variety of anti-interference measures, so that the instrument still has a high weighing accuracy in very complex industrial sites. The whole BB fertilizer production line system has full automatic control, high-speed communication interface, which can store 32 kinds of formulations, and can modify fertilizer formulations arbitrarily according to requirements. The control system has automatic zero tracking, rough measurement and automatic drop compensation functions, and automatic overshoot measurement and modification and fault alarm.