Fertilizer processing equipment hot air stove to Nigeria

This week, Tianci factory exported a hot air stove to Nigeria. Customers who have purchased this equipment have cooperated with us for many times, and have purchased NPK fertilizer production process related equipment before. Now the hot air stove equipment is added.
hot air stove

Overview of hot air stove

The hot air stove uses the fuel to burn directly, forms the hot blast through the high purification treatment, and directly contacts with the material to heat and dry or bake. It has become a new generation product of electric heat source and traditional steam power heat source in many industries, and hot blast furnace is also widely used in fertilizer manufacturing process. The equipment adopts direct combustion of fuel, high purification treatment to form hot air, and direct contact with materials for heating, drying or baking. The fuel consumption of this method is about half of that of steam or other indirect heaters. Therefore, the direct high purification hot air can be used without affecting the quality of drying products.

The fuel of hot air stove can be divided into:

1. Solid fuels, such as coal and coke.
2. Liquid fuel, such as diesel, heavy oil, alcohol-based fuel
3. Gas fuel, such as coal gas, natural gas, liquid gas.

Hot air stove for fertilizer manufacturing process

In order to save production costs, fertilizer plants usually use solid fuels such as coal. During the fertilizer processing process, the granules made by the fertilizer granulator machine are too high in water content and cannot be directly packaged. They need to be dried. The hot blast stove provides heat for the dryer, and the high-temperature combustion gas obtained after the combustion reaction of the fuel further contacts the outside air. After the high temperature gas is mixed to a certain temperature, it directly enters the dryer, contacts the dried particles, and heats and evaporates the moisture of the particles to obtain a dry and qualified fertilizer product.