Organic fertilizer production equipment shipped from Tianci factory

On October 30, Tianci factory sent out a set of organic fertilizer production equipment after busy loading. Our organic fertilizer equipment is deeply loved by the majority of fertilizer plants and is widely used in the fertilizer processing industry.

Organic fertilizer production equipment is not only simple to turn livestock manure into commodities. Organic fertilizer, which first needs to have all kinds of nutrients for crops, can be beneficial to the growth of crops or even completely replace chemical fertilizer. Taking cow manure as an example, in order to produce high-quality cow manure organic fertilizer, we need high-quality organic fertilizer production equipment combined with efficient cow manure fermentation technology and production process. Therefore, equipment investment and technical support are not affordable for a small farmer. This will give organic fertilizer manufacturers a good opportunity to purchase animal manure raw materials at a lower price and process high-grade organic fertilizer, so as to obtain rich profits.
organic fertilizer production equipment

This set of organic fertilizer equipment we export mainly includes compost crusher, fertilizer granulator machine, mixer, drum dryer, drum cooler, windrow turner, fertilizer packaging machine, etc. Fertilizer granulator is the center of organic fertilizer generation and processing. The granulator equipment can choose different output according to different output. When customers choose, they only need to choose according to their actual needs. Windrow turner is used for the fermentation treatment of animal manure. It can complete the fermentation stacker on the ground, accelerate the fermentation speed of compost, and improve the quality of compost products. 

See here, you may be more determined to invest in the idea of organic fertilizer production and construction projects. But pay attention to the fertilizer market as a guide. Before the construction of fertilizer production projects, it is necessary to understand the demand for fertilizer products in the market, so as to better understand the local demand. Any questions about organic fertilizer equipment and production are welcome to consult.