Organic Fertilizer disc pelletizer machine manufacturers factory delivery

Last week, a fertilizer disc pelletizer machine was loaded and delivered in our factory. We are fertilizer machine manufacturers in China, has exported a lot fertilizer equipment to foreign countries. The disc pelletizer is prepared to be exported to a foreign country and transported to a foreign local fertilizer factory by sea, for granulation of organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
fertilizer disc pelletizer machine

Fertilizer disc pelletizer machine is suitable for pelletizing of organic fertilizer manufacturing process. It has the advantages of low power, low consumption and stable operation. The disc pelletizer machine has powerful functions and is suitable for the granulation of cement industry, biological fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, feed and other industries. The pelletizer has uniform granules and adjustable disc inclination, which is suitable for the production of granules of different sizes. Fertilizer disc pelletizer machine's raw materials have a great impact on production. The smaller the particle size of raw materials, the higher the fertilizer granulation rate. However, when the raw materials are too fine, it is easy to produce large particles, resulting in uneven granulation. Therefore, in the actual production of biological fertilizer, only about 18 meshes of powder raw materials can meet the requirements of granulation.

Production Characteristics of Fertilizer Disc Pelletizer Machine
In the production of vegetables, due to continuous planting of the same or the same crop, excessive application of chemical fertilizer or single fertilization, causing soil harmful microbial accumulation, soil nutrient imbalance, fertility decline, vegetable pests and diseases, yield reduction, quality decline and other issues. Bio-organic fertilizer refers to a kind of fertilizer with the effects of organic fertilizer, which is composed of specific functional microorganisms and animal and plant residues as the source and combined with harmless treatment and decomposed organic materials, which can improve crop yield and quality. Improve soil fertility and improve soil physical and chemical properties, enhance soil enzyme activity and microbial activity and diversity, enhance crop stress resistance, and reduce environmental pollution.

Fertilizer disc pelletizer machine is very suitable for the organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer production granulating. Organic fertilizer manufacturing process combines organic matter with inorganic fertilizer. It can produce special organic fertilizer, and improve the quality of fertilizer products. Therefore, the disc pelletizer machine is conducive to alleviating soil problems and improving crop production efficiency. On the other hand, the mixture of superphosphate and urea is conducive to the formation of granules. Inorganic materials have compatibility and can promote the formation of granules. Inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can increase the viscosity of fertilizer and significantly improve the granulation effect. Among them, the mixed raw materials have the best granulation effect, uniform granulation, simple operation and low cost.