Export and Delivery Site of Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Equipment

Organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment can realize the resource recovery of poultry and livestock manure, and make a large number of low-cost waste into high-value organic fertilizer. Zhengzhou Tianci Factory exported a set of organic fertilizer production equipment this week. The equipment realized the mechanized treatment of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, with low production cost and good product yield. 
The whole process of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process can be roughly divided into three parts: raw material pretreatment, aerobic composting fermentation, organic fertilizer granulation molding. Raw material pretreatment includes solid-liquid separation, excipient crushing and adjustment of moisture content, C/N ratio and pH value of raw material. Aerobic composting fermentation includes throwing, ventilation and other measures, which can supplement oxygen, control temperature, release moisture and restore porosity of raw materials. Granulation molding is a systematic project. Around the core of granulation molding, there are grinding, batching, mixing and other processes before pelletizing, drying, screening, cooling and other processes after pelletizing. Fertilizer granulator machine is the core machine of organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process we export contains two fertilizer granulators, one is the disc fertilizer granulator and the other is the rotary drum granulator.
flow of organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine
The principle of the disc fertilizer granulator is that the rotating disc generates friction and centrifugal force on the material, which makes the material move around, and the powder particles of the material frictionally squeeze each other, gradually agglomerate into spheres of suitable specifications and throw them out of the disc granulator. In the production of disc fertilizer granulator, there are a certain number of large particles, requiring the second comminution. A small amount of chicken manure with wood chips as auxiliary material can be added, and a certain amount of peat with fineness less than 1mm can be added. The material can be directly granulated by disc granulator without comminution.

Rotary drum granulator has high pelletizing rate, a small amount of returned material and small particle size, which can be re-entered into the organic fertilizer production line for regranulation. The drum granulator designed by our factory uses rubber as the lining, which makes the raw materials not easy to stick to the drum and enhances the performance of fertilizer equipment. Rotary drum granulator has large fertilizer production output, saves power consumption and low maintenance cost.