Chicken manure organic granular fertilizer production site for Oman user

Our organic fertilizer production equipment exported to Oman has been installed and has now been successfully put into organic fertilizer production. This set of organic fertilizer production equipment makes chicken manure from farm into organic fertilizer through mechanized running-water operation, which has great processing capacity and high production efficiency. Organic granular fertilizer making machine is the core machine of chicken manure processing. It makes fermented and decomposed chicken manure into granules, giving organic fertilizer granules a good appearance.

Chicken Manure Organic Granular Fertilizer
Chicken manure organic fertilizer is made of fresh chicken manure as the main raw material, decomposed and deodorized thoroughly by high temperature fermentation, and refined by organic fertilizer production equipment. Chicken manure organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients necessary for crops, generally containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients, 16-25% crude protein, more than one-third of organic matter.

The main component of chicken manure is organic matter. The application of chicken manure organic fertilizer can significantly increase the content of organic matter in soil. Organic matter can improve soil physical, chemical and biological characteristics, ripen the soil and improve soil fertility.

trough compost turning machine
Organic Granular Fertilizer Production Site
Composting fermentation is the first step in the treatment of chicken manure. Oman customers used fermentation tanks to ferment chicken manure. The trough fermentation efficiency is high, combined with trough compost turning machine, which greatly saves human labor. The trough compost turning machine has the advantages of large output per unit time and low energy consumption.

After fermentation, the compost is put into the loader feeding hopper, and the material is fed into the organic fertilizer production equipment by the belt conveyor for processing. Organic granular fertilizer making machine granulates the compost powder, and then dried and cooled to be the finished chicken manure organic fertilizer.