Qinghai disc pelletizer organic fertilizer production site

There are a large number of livestock manure and agricultural waste produced every year. The production of organic fertilizer by aerobic composting can not only improve the quality and yield of crops, but also increase the content of soil organic matter, fertilize the soil and improve the comprehensive agricultural production capacity.

Organic fertilizer equipment makes the fermented compost into organic fertilizer granules with high nutrients. The harmless degree of fertilizer products is high. It can improve soil, improve the quality of crop products and increase the yield of crops.
disc pelletizer organic fertilizer equipment

A set of organic fertilizer equipment sold by our factory has been put into use in Qinghai. The following picture shows the production site of organic fertilizer equipment.

Disc pelletizer organic fertilizer production technology
This set of organic fertilizer equipment takes the disc pelletizer as the core to process organic fertilizer. The whole production process of organic fertilizer in the disc pelletizer is mainly divided into crushing, mixing, pelletizing, drying, cooling, screening and packing. Pelletizing is a systematic project. Around the core of granulation molding, there are processes such as crushing and mixing, followed by drying, screening and cooling. Therefore, when choosing pelletizing method, the effect and economy of the whole pelletizing system should be considered comprehensively.

Disc pelletizer: Disc pelletizer is suitable for the processing of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer materials. It has wide adaptability of raw materials, good appearance of granular products and simple operation.

Half-wet material crusher: Before pelletizing by disc pelletizer, the decomposed material should be crushed. Because compost has sticky-wet characteristics, the crushing equipment should be anti-sticky and easy to clean. Semi-wet material crusher is specially used for crushing wet materials. 

This set of disc pelletizer organic fertilizer equipment is suitable for small enterprises with annual output of less than 20,000. Different production scales have different equipment configuration, according to their own conditions, fertilizer equipment can be flexibly selected.