Customer use site of organic fertilizer walking type turner

The fertilizer equipment manufacturer Tianci Factory sold a walking type turner, which is used to mix compost for ground fermentation. The picture shows the scene of the customer using the machine.
organic fertilizer walking type turner

Fermentation technology of organic fertilizer
Aerobic fermentation process is usually used in the production of organic fertilizer. Aerobic composting degrades organic matter with the help of aerobic microorganisms under the conditions of good aeration and sufficient oxygen. Often aerobic compost body temperature is high, generally at 50 - 70℃, so it is also called high temperature compost. High temperature in organic fertilizer fermentation can kill pathogens, eggs and weed seeds, and quickly degrade organic matter into stable humus, which can be converted into organic fertilizer. High temperature fermentation needs oxygen. In order to ensure the quality of organic fertilizer, we need to use organic fertilizer equipment to turn over the material and increase the oxygen in the material during composting fermentation. Walking type turning machine is a special equipment for fermentation composting.

Ground composting fermentation-walking type turner

When organic fertilizer is fermented on the ground, the walking type turner is used to dump these materials. The walking type turner includes the traveling system, engine, frame, driving position, rotor system, etc. The engine is installed on the top of the frame, and the rotor system is connected between the two crawler traveling systems and the motor. When the compost turner is walking, it will cause position deviation when it crosses different obstacles and heights. Operators need to adjust the machine to make the compost turner follow the set route. Operators operate on the vehicle, which can control the machine to roll over materials slowly. The walking turner fully considers the characteristics of flat fermentation of organic fertilizer and is suitable for fertilizer production. Walking dumper can also be used in sludge composting, garbage treatment and other aspects.