A Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment Exported to Qatar

A powder organic fertilizer production line of our factory is exported to Qatar. On April 5, the equipment was loaded in our factory and ready for shipment to the port.

A powdery organic fertilizer production line equipment can make powdered organic fertilizer from fermented organic matter. The production line equipment is simple, occupies a small area, has simple layout, small investment and quick return. The production processes of powdered organic fertilizer mainly includes: crushing, screening and packaging. Powdery organic fertilizer production line equipment mainly includes loader feeding hopoer, belt conveyor, half-wet material crusher, drum screening machine, powder packing machine.

Belt conveyor
The belt conveyor can convey fertilizer continuously, which saves the trouble of conveying materials manually. Different conveyor sizes are available for different organic fertilizer production line. The width of the belt conveyor is usually 500-1200mm, and the length is determined by the layout of the powdered organic fertilizer production line. In addition to belt conveyor, we also have other conveying equipment, such as bucket elevator and large angle conveyor.
belt conveyor

Half-wet material crusher
Half-we material crusher is mainly used for crushing fermented organic fertilizer, fermented livestock and poultry manure, residue, distiller's grains. Fermented compost cannot be directly used as organic fertilizer. We need to crush it into powder for easy use and crop absorption.

Rotary drum screening machine
Rotary drum screening machine is common equipment in fertilizer production, mainly used for separating the returned materials and finished products, it classify the end products.

Powder packing machine
The packing machine automatically controls the parameters, integrating feeding, weighing and sewing, and the work is stable. The powder packing machine automatically packages the organic fertilizer powder into a finished product of the same weight, which is easy to operate.

Our factory not only provides powder organic fertilizer production equipment, but also provides a variety of fertilizer granulation production lines, including flat die granulator organic fertilizer production line, roller press granulator organic fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer production line. We also produce a variety of fertilizer granulation machine, such as organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, roller press granulator, flat die granulator.