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What are the necessary equipment for a cow dung organic fertilizer production line

1. Automatic batching system: the automatic batching system is mainly composed of feeding system software, weighing equipment, hopper and conveyor belt. At the same time, the static data batching system also has the precision of basic static data seasoning (0.2%) and dynamic seasoning.

2. Organic fertilizer two in one plastic granulator: the plastic granulator of this series is wet test continuous swing rod, granulation technology and production.

3. Organic fertilizer drying equipment: the remote server has the characteristics of beautiful design, convenient use, low energy consumption, long service life, uniform dryness and convenient maintenance. It is a compound fertilizer drying equipment.

4. Organic fertilizer vibrating screen: a series of product drum screening machines are commonly used in the production and manufacture of compound fertilizer. They are suitable for the separation of finished products and returned materials. They can also complete the commodity grade classification to make the finished products classified evenly. The remote server is composed of stainless steel screen, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. The organic fertilizer fermentation equipment has simple structure, Easy to use and stable operation, it is a dream machine and equipment for compound fertilizer production and manufacturing.

5. Dust collector: cyclone dust collector is a kind of dust collector equipment, which is mainly used for pre ash removal of high concentration waste gas and separation of materials. For the separated coarse particle dust, 5 ~ 10 μ M, the purification rate is higher. The system structure is simple, the installation and maintenance management method is very easy, the operation cost is low, the occupied space is small, and the cost is increased.

6. Organic fertilizer transport aircraft: the mobile adhesive tape transport aircraft is the same as the general adhesive tape transport aircraft. Compared with the general adhesive tape, the organic fertilizer alcohol generator has a continuous conveying mechanical equipment, which improves the automatic and perfect organization compared with the general belt conveyor, because it has more hoisting and automatic organization, Therefore, the automatic continuous transport aircraft has improved its excellent handling. According to the standards of the construction site, it can be equipped with electric locomotives driven by electric forklifts to promote or pull the belt to appropriate parts for cargo loading, unloading and handling.

7. Quantitative packaging scale: automatic packaging scale, also known as automatic packaging scale, including automatic packaging scale and automatic packaging scale. The equipment is a fully automatic quantitative packaging machine (including transportation, sewing machine / heat sealing machine) and an optional part (transportation equipment, sewing machine / heat sealing machine) composed of storage bin, feeding, weighing bag clamping bucket, kneading organization, computer system control, pneumatic actuator, etc. The product adopts spiral feeding, and the raw materials are forcibly discharged according to the feeding organization.