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Crushing Equipment for Organic Fertilizer Production Material

Crushing equipment is one of the key equipment in the whole organic fertilizer production process. Without good crushing equipment, the normal operation of production line can not be maintained, and the production cost of fertilizer can not be reduced to obtain good economic benefits. Half-wet material crusher is the pre-crushing equipment of organic fertilizer production. It is mainly used for the crushing treatment of fermentation compost, which ensures the smooth granulation of organic matter in production.

Generally, crushing equipment is sensitive to the moisture content of raw materials. When the moisture content of raw materials is high, plugging and sticking will occur. Especially when the moisture content of the material is more than 13%, many machines can not work properly and will shut down when it is serious. In particular, hammer crusher, raw material moisture is one high, sticking machine is particularly strong, causing a great impact on the machine. Although cage crusher is open discharging, its water requirement is less than 13%. Excessive water will also cause sticky material, blockage, motor overload and other phenomena, affecting the normal production. Fermented organic fertilizer raw materials are usually not low in moisture, and need a crusher suitable for high moisture content.

Half-wet material crusher has a good pulverizing effect on materials with high water content. When the organic fertilizer material reaches 25-50%, the material can also be crushed into the required particle size. The half-wet material crusher pulverizes the high-humidity material, the load is stable, the operation is normal, and the discharge amount is always maintained at a stable level. The hitting parts of the half-wet material crusher, such as hammers and sieve bars, can fully and effectively function, and each component exerts the efficiency of pulverizing the raw materials. Therefore, the hitting parts are small in wear and long in life. In addition to fermented organic fertilizers, half-wet material crusher are also widely used to crush hard materials such as glass, ceramics, bricks, and gravel.