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How to adjust the disc granulator of organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production line uses organic waste such as animal manure, animal residues and plant straw as raw materials, and after fermentation treatment, they are made into organic fertilizer. Disc granulator is a kind of granulation machine for the organic fertilizer production line, which is in the shape of a rotating disc. The disc granulator makes granulation by continuously rotating the disc. The spraying device above adds water to the material. The material is agglomerated into a ball in the disc, and the formed particles are discharged from the granulator into organic fertilizer particles.
There are many factors affecting the production of disc granulator, so how to adjust the disc granulator to increase the output of organic fertilizer production line? The efficiency of organic fertilizer production line can be improved only by finding the suitable disc production parameters and the moisture content of raw materials when disc granulation is carried out.

Influencing factors of disc granulator
Water content is a direct factor affecting the granulation rate and particle quality of disc granulator. Too much water content, easy to produce excessive granulation, too little water content, poor granulation effect. When the disc granulator produces organic fertilizer, the water content also has a great influence on the granulation rate and the compressive strength of the granules. Usually, better granulation rate and compressive strength can be obtained by controlling moisture content within 15% - 20%.

The disc inclination has a great influence on the disc granulator and the production effect of the organic fertilizer production line. So when using the disc granulator, the disc inclination should be considered first. We usually adjust the inclination angle to 50 degrees, and the effect of granulation is better.
disc granulator organic fertilizer production line

Disc granulator plays an important role in fertilizer granulation machine. Compared with other fertilizer granulation machine, it has the characteristics of less investment and larger output. The organic fertilizer disc granulator production line has simple process and intuitive operation, and can produce good economic and social benefits.