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Advantages and disadvantages of urea fertilizer

Urea is a white crystal. It is not only a simple organic compound, but also a nitrogen fertilizer. Urea is easy to preserve, easy to use and has little damage to soil. At the same time, urea is one of the most widely used chemical nitrogen fertilizer, and it is also the main raw material for NPK fertilizer production process to process compound fertilizer.

Advantages of urea fertilizer

1. High nutrient content. The content of available nitrogen is high, 1 kg urea is about 2 kg ammonium sulfate;
2. Easy to store. The moisture absorption of urea is smaller than that of ammonium sulfate, so it is convenient to use and preserve, and it is not easy to deteriorate.
3. Rich raw materials. Chemical fertilizers are produced with natural mineral resources as raw materials, such as oil, natural gas, coal, phosphate rock and so on. These raw materials are rich and can be exploited in large quantities.
urea fertilizerurea fertilizer

Disadvantages of urea use

1. Urea should not be spread on the ground.
Urea can be used only after 4-5 days of transformation at normal temperature. Most of the nitrogen is easily volatilized in the process of ammoniation. Generally, the actual utilization rate is only about 30%. If urea is applied in alkaline soil and soil with high organic matter content, the loss of nitrogen will be faster and more. Moreover, urea is easy to be consumed by weeds.

2. Too much urea is easy to cause fertilizer damage.
Urea has high nitrogen content and should not be applied too much to avoid unnecessary waste and fertilizer damage. Many farmers in fruit producing areas use a lot of urea, resulting in tree death, with very serious consequences.

3. It takes a long time to come into effect and urea needs to be used in advance.
When urea is used as top dressing, we should pay attention to its decomposition process in the soil. Generally, about 7 days after urea application, it needs to be converted into ammonia nitrogen to produce fertilizer effect. Under alkaline conditions, most of the nitrogen will turn into ammonia gas and volatilize. Therefore, urea cannot be mixed with or applied at the same time with lime, plant ash, calcium magnesium phosphate and other basic fertilizers.

The nutrient structure of compound fertilizer is more complex than that of urea. It is a kind of chemical fertilizer which is made by many kinds of N, P, K and microelement fertilizers according to a certain proportion of nutrient structure. In terms of fertility. Compound fertilizer can supply crops in an all-round way and improve the deficiency of crops due to the lack of various nutrients, so it is more reasonable to apply compound fertilizer to crops. The compound fertilizer made by fertilizer granulator machine has relatively balanced nutrition structure, better fertilizer effect and higher value.

The nutrient structure of compound fertilizer is balanced and the fertilizer effect is longer than that of urea. Our company provides double roller fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator and disc granulator, which are suitable for processing compound fertilizer.