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How to deal with chicken litter | compost fermentation

The treatment of chicken litter is a headache in chicken farm. Chicken manure and chicken litter is piled everywhere, and the bad smell also causes certain pollution to the environment. Chicken manure as an organic fertilizer not only has a large amount of chicken manure resources, but also enables the pollution-free production of fruit and vegetable crops. If chicken manure can be processed into organic fertilizers, they will be the best fertilizers for vegetables and orchards.

chicken litter

Composting of chicken house waste

The unused chicken litter is dehydrated and then fermented. The fermented products are mixed with fermented bacteria and piled up in piles. During the fermentation period, the compost is turned over by the windrow turner to ensure the smooth fermentation. 7-15 days compost fermentation.

How to treat chicken litter with organic fertilizer equipment

Rotten compost needs to be crushed and screened by equipment. The production equipment of chicken litter organic fertilizer is specialized in processing compost, turning chicken litter into organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium and other trace elements, and composting is made into special granular products by fertilizer granulator machine.
Raise funds to establish an organic fertilizer plant and produce a large number of organic fertilizers. The organic fertilizer production equipment produces 6 tons of bio organic fertilizer every day, which can digest and absorb the chicken litter produced by more than 200,000 chickens. It not only recycles the chicken litter of local farmers, but also radiates the surrounding areas. The products are exported to other areas, with considerable economic benefits. The newly-built chicken manure organic fertilizer plant can give the fertilizer free to the surrounding fruit farmers, vegetable farmers and flower farmers for trial use, and it will be recognized by the farmers after use. 

Chicken waste is processed with high-quality organic fertilizer to increase crop yield and benefit. At present, the processing of organic fertilizer with chicken litter has a very broad prospect. Further expansion of the scale will enable more litter from farms to be recycled and turned into treasure. At the same time, biogas residue is also a good organic fertilizer, so that chicken waste can be fully recycled.