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How to deal with the abrasion of the roller skin of fertilizer granulator

As the main part of fertilizer granulator, roller skin is the most easily worn accessory. The wear of roller skin also affects the performance of the equipment. Excessive wear requires timely replacement, otherwise it will affect the whole NPK fertilizer production process. Wear is inevitable, so how to reduce the wear of the double roller granulator?

How to deal with the wear of roller skin

1. When the double roller fertilizer granulator is pelletizing the materials, the roll surface will gradually wear, so it must be ensured that the materials are evenly fed into the granulator along the length of the roller. If the feeding is uneven, the roller surface will have ring groove, which will affect the normal operation of the granulator, and the product particle size is uneven. When feeding, the feeder not only needs to feed evenly and continuously, but also has the same length as the roller.

2. Sometimes the double roller fertilizer granulator is equipped with a grinding wheel on the frame. When there is a pit or groove on the roller surface, the roller surface can be grinded and repaired on the machine or directly on the roller surface without removing the roller surface. This requires that a surfacing device be installed on the granulator. Some roller granulators are equipped with automatic axial reciprocating motion device to make the roll surface wear evenly.

3. In addition, the wear of roll surface will increase the discharge port, so it is necessary to adjust the movable roll. When adjusting, it is necessary to keep the two rollers parallel to each other to prevent deflection. The movable roll is installed on the rocker arm or the double roller fertilizer granulator with hydraulic compensation device. When the movable roll moves, the axis of the two rollers will be parallel automatically.
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