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Advantages of compound fertilizer extrusion granulation process


Advantages of extrusion granulation NPK fertilizer production process

Commonly used compound fertilizer production method is steam granulation. After water vapor condenses and crystallizes between the material molecules, it acts as a binder in the granulation process. However, during the drying process, the water inside and on the surface of the particles must be driven out, otherwise the fertilizers tend to stick and agglomerate during storage. The dry fertilizer granulator omits the processing of drying moisture, and the production process is simpler. The entire NPK fertilizer production process uses a roller press granulator to process the granules without drying.
roller granulation NPK fertilizer production process

Double roller fertilizer granulator

Generally, the feeding device of the double roller fertilizer granulator is above the parallel roll, and the material is forced to join the roll gap between the two rolls by the friction between the rolls. Under the rotation of the roll, the material is brought in, extruded into a pancake shape, and broken into small pieces after falling, and then qualified particles are obtained through screening. The material is added to the top of the two rolls continuously and evenly from the hopper. Under the continuous rotation of the extrusion roll, the powder is bited between the two rolls and extruded into plate. Then, it falls off under the centrifugal action and the gravity action of the plate itself, until the shaping wheel with claw is separated into particles after being hit, and then enters the screening mesh. The granulated material under the screen is rolled by the roller, the sharp angle of the granulated material is removed, and the material outlet on the screen bucket flows out, which can be packed into fertilizer products. The bearing support on the moving side of the roll is equipped with a spring, which can move the support in parallel with the deformation of the spring, and adjust the distance between the two rolls to maintain the required extrusion pressure. The raw material of the double roll fertilizer granulator does not need additional additives. The process only uses the intermolecular force of the material itself to simplify the NPK fertilizer production process and reduce the energy consumption.

Extrusion granulation fertilizer manufacturing process has accurate formula and advanced technology. The whole production line equipment adopts advanced batching system, uniform mixing, accurate packaging, and production capacity can meet the needs of different customers.