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Organic fertilizer equipment is the trend of fertilizer industry

In recent years, the organic fertilizer equipment has been developed gradually. The organic fertilizer produced is widely used in green food, vegetable planting and greening. Organic fertilizer equipment will usher in greater development opportunities. The market demand for organic fertilizer is expanding, which is reflected in the fluctuating price of chemical fertilizer, and the constraints of compound fertilizer by capital products such as coal, natural gas, phosphate rock and potassium ore are growing. The fertilizer industry develops new fertilizer and reduces the power consumption. Therefore, organic fertilizer is one of the directions of fertilizer development in the future, and the application of organic fertilizer equipment will be more extensive.

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process

There are two steps for organic fertilizer equipment to process organic fertilizer: pre fermentation and deep granulation. The whole set of fertilizer manufacturing process is composed of fermentation windrow turner machine, organic fertilizer crusher, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, rotary dryer, cooler, drum screener, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment. If we know some fertilizer manufacturing process, we can select the appropriate equipment according to the annual output, fermentation mode, mechanization degree and other factors.
fertilizer manufacturing equipmentfertilizer manufacturing equipment

Fermentation treatment of organic fertilizer

During the working process of the turnover equipment, the fertilizer and additives are mixed and stirred to reach the turnover index. The windrow turner throws the lower materials behind the turner for fermentation and microbial propagation. The windrow turner machine with lifting device can return to the initial working position under the action of lifting and traveling mechanism, so as to reduce the operating cost.