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Advantages of solid organic waste fermentation equipment

Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment can easily produce organic fertilizer which is popular with customers. As a special machine for making organic fertilizer, the market of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is very broad. This series of high-temperature fermentation equipment for organic fertilizer is a turnover machine independently developed by Tianci company. It can match the organic fertilizer production equipment according to customer demand and capital capacity, and 2-4 workers can complete continuous production. The following is a detailed explanation of the advantages of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment.

Organic fertilizer fermentation turner machine

1. Low energy consumption

It is easy to operate and has low energy consumption. When fermenting, the temperature is 80-100 ℃, completely killing pests and harmful bacteria, and eliminating crop pests and diseases from the root.

2. Short processing time and strong compatibility

The treatment time of the dumper is short each time, and the organic wastes such as waste fungus bag, Chinese medicine dregs, dead branches, vegetable leaves, sludge, chicken manure, cattle manure, pig manure, kitchen waste, etc. are treated on the same day, which can produce organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer that meet the standards, and meet the requirements of industrial promotion.

3. High conversion rate

After high temperature and rapid fermentation of organic fertilizer, the conversion rate can reach 95% of the amount of organic waste.

4. The operation of the turner machine is simple and safe

The operation of the compost turning machine is simple, the machine is operated automatically, and the workers can work after simple training. The equipment is equipped with various safety protection measures, which can effectively prevent various mechanical, electrical and personal safety accidents.

5. Recycling waste in line with environmental requirements

High temperature and rapid fermentation of organic fertilizer, after dedusting, deodorization and sewage treatment, the discharge of waste gas and waste water meet the environmental standards, without secondary pollution. The dumper has carried out thorough harmless treatment of waste in the production process.
compost turning machine

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