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Double roller granulator for mineral powder and NPK fertilizer

Fertilizer double roller extrusion granulator, also known as mineral powder granulator, is mainly used for processing iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide, steel slag, refractory and other raw materials. All powders that need to be burned can be used for extrusion granulation, which is formed by double roller extrusion granulator.

In the past, many lime powder materials were wasted or used in other fields of metallurgical industry. With the reduction of energy resources, this problem has attracted more and more attention. The granulating equipment such as double roller extrusion granulator has the characteristics of high briquetting rate, low power consumption, compact structure and simple maintenance. It is also an important processing equipment for NPK fertilizer production process.

Advantages of double roller press granulator

Iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide, steel slag, refractories and other raw materials are crushed and mixed without water, and these powders are processed by double roller press granulator. All powder materials that need to be burned, all high-pressure and high strength mineral powder materials, and all metallurgical wastes (such as fly ash, mud, oxide scale, steel slurry, iron fine powder, aluminum ash powder and manganese ore powder) that need to be drawn, all require the double roller granulator of mineral powder.
double roller press granulator

Structure of double roller fertilizer granulator

The double roller extrusion granulator is mainly composed of base bracket, granulator roll, crushing chamber and motor drive part. Working under two shafts, the material enters the hopper, is pressed into spherical particles by a strong press roll, then flows down the crushing chamber, and is separated into single particles by the required sieve, and the powder will return to the hopper for re granulation. The whole process adopts dry granulation production, especially suitable for the production of powder with moisture less than 20%.

Application in fertilizer field

The double roller fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of high quality, multiple functions and strong pressure bearing force, which is suitable for the fertilizer manufacturing process and powder granulator production line of large, medium and small enterprises. The particle size reaches the area diameter on the roller, and the particle shape can be customized, which can be made into ellipse, strip, sheet, cylinder, etc. It can be used to produce potassium chloride fertilizer, bulk mixed NPK fertilizer (diameter 1-4mm), ammonium sulfate fertilizer, ammonium chloride fertilizer, ammonium carbonate fertilizer, urea fertilizer, etc.