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Efficient and convenient treatment mode of small-scale fermentation turner


Efficient and convenient small fermentation turner processing mode

Fertilizer manufacturing process is mainly divided into NPK fertilizer production process and organic fertilizer manufacturing process. Aerobic compost fermentation is the main mode of organic manure production. The price of small-scale fermentation turner depends on the equipment configuration. The turner machine can be attached with lifting device, which is convenient for the machine to move on the compost without affecting the compost materials.

Compost turning machine processing mode

The use of compost turner machine is to turn the fermented materials and increase the amount of contact between the materials and oxygen, so that aerobic microorganisms can have a good living environment, and the pollutants are decomposed and treated to achieve pollution-free and zero-emission breeding. When fermenting livestock and poultry manure, appropriately add organic matter such as corn bran, pulverized crop straw, dry manure according to its moisture content, adjust the water and carbon-nitrogen ratio, increase air permeability, and access special microorganism strains and enzyme preparations to promote fermentation The process proceeds normally. The entire stacking compost should be equipped with a small turning machine, which plays an important role in fertilizer fermentation.

Efficient and convenient small-scale windrow turner

Walking type compost turner is suitable for composting and fermentation of organic manure, sludge, distiller's grains, furfural and other viscous materials. The technology of fermentation composting was used to treat manure. Straw and microorganism were used as fermentation bed, and animal manure was transported to fermentation heap for fermentation and decomposition. The windrow turner decomposes the manure and converts it into beneficial protein, so as to make its farm zero emission and zero pollution.

The small-scale fermentation windrow turner has simple structure, high reliability and flexible use, especially compared with the organic fertilizer tank tripper, it saves the civil engineering investment required for the construction of the tank and reduces the cost for the user. In the process of driving, the raw materials of chicken manure organic fertilizer are stirred, fluffy and tossed by the rotary knife loaded under the machine. New strip stacks are left on the road where the vehicles have passed. The compost after fermentation is further processed by fertilizer granulator machine, and the product quality can be greatly improved.