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Production process of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer roller granulator


Double roller press granulator

Double roller extrusion granulator is a common granulator for fertilizer manufacturing process. Both sides of the press roll of the machine are composed of specific bearings and bearing frames, which are installed on the frame. The working part of the contact material is composed of the master-slave shaft and the roll skin which is sleeved outside. The roll skin is full of semi-circular pits evenly distributed. The two shafts are driven by gears to rotate relatively. The roll skin extrudes the powder material.
Double roller press granulator

Production principle of double roller fertilizer granulator

The mixed raw materials are extruded into granules by double roll extrusion granulator. The working principle of the extrusion granulator is to feed the mixture into the gap between two opposite rotating rollers through the vertical screw feeder; during the extrusion process, the pressure of the material increases gradually, when the gap between the two shafts is in a very small position, the material is subject to relative stress, and then gradually reduces until it reaches zero.
The plates formed in the roller press are further broken. If they want to reach the required particle size, they need to be screened. There is a specially designed plate crusher under the roller press. The plate is crushed. Recycle the fine particles on the screen into the mixer and extrude them. However, the large particles retained at the top of the multi-stage screen need to be further broken. After crushing, it returns to the screen.

Brief introduction to organic and inorganic compound fertilizer extrusion granulation

roller granulator NPK fertilizer production process
1. According to the proportion requirements of NPK fertilizer production process, urea, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and other mixed fertilizer raw materials are fed into the batching system to mix evenly.

2. The mixed material is transported to the disc feeder, and the iron content in the material is removed during the conveying process.

3. The mixed materials in the disc feeder flow into the roller press granulator equipment evenly.

4. Transportation of semi-finished products to the finished product screening machine: the fine particles after screening are directly returned to the disc feeder, and the large particles are crushed by the crusher, and then returned to the disc feeder.

5. The qualified products will be sent to the automatic packing scale for weighing, packing and storage.