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How to make organic fertilizer in winter simply

We can make organic fertilizer from the waste after daily use, so what are the simple ways to make organic fertilizer? Next, Zhengzhou Tianci fertilizer factory will introduce several common organic fertilizer fermentation methods. These fermentation methods are simple and do not require professional compost windrow turner.

Oil cake fertilizer

Peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sesame and so on will produce a lot of residues after pressing oil. After fermentation, these residues can be made into good organic fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements, with long-term and more comprehensive fertilizer effect.
Production method:
1. Crumble the pancakes, put them into an empty container bottle, then add some water, seal them and ferment. When the water inside becomes thick, it turns out that the fermentation is almost complete.
2. The fermented cake fertilizer should be diluted by more than 10 times of water before being used to water the flowers, instead of directly watering the flowers, so as to avoid too thick fertilizer burning the roots; it can be used once or twice a month.

Rice water

Some people complain that rice water is too stinky when fermenting rice water. This is mainly because rice rice water has a strong fermentation odor in high temperature environments, so it is better to choose a low temperature in winter to ferment.
Production Method:
1. Collect some of the water left over from washing the rice, preferably the first pass, especially the kind of rice that is shelled with a machine. The organic matter in it will be more and the fertilizer effect of watering flowers will be better.
2. Also find an empty bottle, and pour the rice washing water into the empty bottle. In order to reduce the odor, you can add some orange peel or orange peel, put more properly, and the deodorization effect will be better. In case of gas expansion, loosen the bottle cap to deflate to avoid expansion and burst.


Some fruits, such as Hami melon, orange, orange, grapefruit, dragon fruit, etc., will leave some peel after eating the pulp of these fruits, and these peel is garbage. If we deal with it, we can make it a good fertilizer.
Production method:
1. First, collect some fruit skins. In order to speed up the fermentation, first cut the fruit skins into small pieces with a knife. The smaller the skins, the faster the fermentation. After cutting, find some useless empty bottles, put the peel into the bottle, then add half of the water into the bottle, and tighten the cap to seal.
2. Put the packed peel bottle in a place with ventilation and light for fermentation. The temperature is low in winter, and the fermentation time will be longer. But it doesn't matter. After 3-4 months of fermentation, it will be ready for fermentation when fertilizer is needed in spring.
compost fermentation

Other types of organic fertilizer can also be fermented when the weather is cold. It can be composted with water or retting with mixed soil. The amount of self-made organic fertilizer is relatively small. If a large amount of organic fertilizer is needed, it is recommended to purchase a set of fertilizer manufacturing process equipment.