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Double roller extrusion granulator has advantages in powder granulation

Dry granulation is a kind of bulk powder mixing technology, which can enhance the flow of powder, produce uniform mixture and reduce powder separation. Dry powder double roller extrusion granulator is one of the energy-saving and environmental protection products in Tianci granulator series. It is a kind of mechanical equipment to make materials into some particles. Most of the dry powder materials can be granulated directly by the dry powder extrusion granulator, and the heat sensitive materials can also be granulated directly. The equipment also plays an important role in the fertilizer manufacturing process. So, what advantages does the double roller granulator provide for powder material mixing?

Advantages of dry double roller extrusion granulator

1. Improve the fluidity of bulk powder mixture
2. Improve density uniformity and powder density
3. Minimize the extent of non granulated materials
4. Prevent separation of components in powder mixture
5. Improve powder compressibility
6. Enhance product safety
7. More efficient fertilizer granulation

For these reasons, the double roller fertilizer granulator is the key component of NPK fertilizer production process, and also the granulator in the field of drug mixing and production.
double roller fertilizer granulator

Working principle of double roller fertilizer granulator

1. Vertical feeding unit: the powder material passes through the quantitative feeder from the vibrating hopper; under the action of the mixing screw of the main feeder, it is degassed and pushed into the arc groove of two left and right rollers by the preloading. The two rolls rotate at the same speed under a pair of gears. The powder is rolled into compact material at the moment of passing through the roll. After passing through the roll, the sheet falls off the roll under the effect of elastic recovery. A small amount of unswept material is scraped off by the scraper. The strip grooves on the surface of the two rollers are evenly distributed to prevent the powder from slipping when being bitten by the rollers. After falling into the crusher and pelletizer for pelletizing, the chips will enter the vibrating screen for sieving and grading to obtain the qualified particle products; the fine powder under the screen will return to the vibrating hopper for circulating pelletizing.

2. Horizontal feeding unit: the horizontal feeding process is different from the vertical feeding unit in addition to the feeding mode. It works in exactly the same way. In the horizontal charging unit. After the powder enters the agitator from the vibrating hopper and is agitated and degassed, it is sent to the arc grooves of the two upper and lower rollers by the screw of the quantitative feeder and pre pressed. Later, the process is the same as the vertical feeding unit.