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Advantages of harmless composting manure with windrow turner

With the increasing demand for organic fertilizer in agriculture, people gradually realize the benefits of the compost turner machine, more and more agricultural producers use the compost turner. So how does the turner machine ferment the excrement of livestock and poultry? Let China's professional organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturers take you to know about the compost turner machine.

Advantages of windrow turner

1. Compact structure of the equipment: the power transmission device is mainly composed of motor, reducer, sprocket, bearing seat, main shaft, etc., which provides power for the turning drum. For this reason, this kind of equipment has a very compact structure and a small floor area.

2. High fermentation efficiency: the turnover device is composed of sprocket, support arm, turnover drum, etc.

3. Function innovation: the lifting device of the tripper is composed of winch, coupling, transmission shaft, bearing seat, etc.

4. Simple machine control: the displacement car is composed of traveling motor, transmission gear, transmission shaft, traveling wheel, etc., which provides temporary transportation for the turnover machine to change grooves.

5. Small loss: the traveling device is composed of traveling motor, transmission gear, transmission shaft, traveling sprocket, etc.
compost windrow turner

At present, with the acceleration of urbanization, the discharge of domestic garbage and livestock manure is increasing day by day, and the deterioration of the environment seriously threatens the survival, health and development of human beings. Therefore, we must take effective methods and means to solve and eliminate the existing environmental problems. After clearing the advantages of the windrow turner, we can use the compost machine for fertilizer manufacturing process to harmlessly ferment the chicken manure, duck manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, etc. to protect our ecology. surroundings. Windrow turner has many advantages in the harmless treatment of compost and fermented manure.

This kind of compost turner manufactured by Tianci factory technically integrates the crushing function in the late stage of material fermentation. Not only does the processing of the pulverizer be omitted, more importantly, the pulverization efficiency is greatly improved, the cost is reduced, and the problem that the production amount of organic fertilizer is subject to the pulverization mechanism is fundamentally solved. The compost after fermentation is preferably further processed into solid granules by fertilizer granulator machine to improve the availability of the product.