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Is the compound fertilizer granulation effect on the roller extrusion granulator good?

Double roller extrusion granulator is a kind of compound fertilizer granulator. Because of its high granulation rate, stable operation, durable equipment and long service life, it has been selected as an ideal product by the majority of users. Roller extrusion granulator developed by our company have more than Φ150, Φ186, Φ300 specifications. The specific model of the machine can also be customized according to user requirements. The shell of the granulator is made of thick seamless steel pipe, which is durable and not deformed. Coupled with the stable base design, it makes the operation more stable.

Chinese fertilizer machine manufacturer-Tianci Company specializes in manufacturing double roller fertilizer granulator, which have the following characteristics in granulation.
1. The raw material applicability of the roller extrusion granulator and its wide range: it is not only suitable for the direct granulation of the fermented livestock and poultry excrement, urban sludge, peat and other coarse fiber organic wastes with about 30% moisture content, but also suitable for the extrusion granulation of compound fertilizer such as ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, and the bio organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer which can extrude spherical particles.

2. Pelletizing rate of double roller extrusion granulator is high, and the formed particles are beautiful: the new fertilizer manufacturing process makes the pelletizing rate reach over 95%, the extruded particles are round and standard, and the strength is high.

3. Short process flow and low operating cost: The use of roller extrusion granulator does not require preliminary treatment such as drying and pulverization. The roller extrusion granulation fertilizer designed by Tianci fertilizer equipment factory has a short process flow and low operation cost, which is especially suitable for dry granulation.

Fertilizer roller press granulation production process

In the production process of the double roller granulator, the material is required to have a certain viscosity. Some raw materials are relatively loose after fermentation, and it is not easy to granulate, so some water or adhesive should be added to increase the viscosity of the material.
Roller extrusion pelletizer is produced by non drying normal temperature fertilizer manufacturing process, which is suitable for pelletizing materials with low viscosity or low moisture content. If the water content of the material is too high, you can add some dry materials to neutralize the water content. If the water content is too low, water can be added appropriately, which is convenient for granulation.
Fertilizer roller press granulation production process

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