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How to make bio organic fertilizer by using turner


Organic fertilizer walking windrow turner

The machine adopts four-wheel walking, can move, back and turn, and is controlled by one person. During driving, the whole vehicle straddles the long stacked compost, and the revolving knife shaft hung under the frame is used to mix, fluff and move the compost based raw materials. After the vehicle passes by, a new strip stack is formed. It can be carried out in an open place or in a workshop shed. A major technological breakthrough of the machine is to integrate the crushing function of the material in the later stage of fermentation. With the gradual dehydration of materials, the cutter shaft equipped with crushing equipment can effectively crush the plates formed in the fermentation process of fertilizer, greatly improving the mixing efficiency and reducing the cost.
windrow turner

Characteristics of organic compost windrow turner

1. The advanced fermentation technology adopts the aerobic fermentation of microorganism. According to the principle planning of aerobic fermentation, the fermentation bacteria has the space to give full play to its function.

2. Compost turner machine is more suitable for microbial fermentation. It meets the functional mechanism of manure composting and the requirements of fertilizer manufacturing process. It can effectively mix the viscous poultry manure with microbial agents and straw powder. A better aerobic environment has been invented for the material fermentation by the windrow turner. Under this loose material property, the fermentation temperature can be controlled at 60-70 ℃ for 3-4 days.

3. The power balance of the whole machine is suitable, the energy consumption is low, the output is large, and the production cost of bio organic fertilizer is reduced. According to the calculation of the technical parameters of the machine, the small machine can mix 400-500 cubic meters of fresh cow dung per hour (equivalent to the tireless work of 100 people at the same time). The maximum number of personnel in the whole plant is 4 or 5. The product fertilizer has obvious price advantage.

4. The overall structure of the machine is reasonable, the stress is balanced, the performance is safe and reliable, easy to control, and the equipment has strong applicability to the site. Except for the rough and robust frame, all parts are standard parts, which is convenient for use and maintenance.

Application conditions of windrow turner

1. The site shall be flat and solid, and there shall be no concave or convex surface larger than 50mm in the operation area.

2. Strip stacking: the width shall not exceed the width, and the height can be properly increased within 100mm, with unlimited length.

3. There is no less than 10 m empty field at both ends of the pile, so it is convenient to turn. The spacing between the piles is more than 1 m.

4. This machine is only a walking composting machine, it can't be used as a walking vehicle or a load vehicle.