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Application and production of biofertilizer project

Biofertilizer is a kind of product, which is caused by the life activity of microorganisms to produce specific fertilizer effects on crops, which is a kind of auxiliary fertilizer. It uses microbial life activities and metabolites to improve crop nutrient supply and provide nutrients and growth substances for crops. Biofertilizer can regulate plant growth, enhance plant stress resistance, increase crop yield, improve quality, reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, and improve soil fertility.

Biofertilizer improves crop nutritional conditions through microbial life activities in bacterial fertilizer, such as fixing nitrogen in the air, participating in nutrient transformation, promoting nutrient uptake by crops, stimulating crop root development, and inhibiting harmful microbial activities. The application of biofertilizer in vegetable production can prevent dead vegetable trees, alleviate diseases, improve soil and relieve salt damage. It is welcomed by vegetable farmers.
production of biofertilizer project
Pay attention to the effective use conditions of the biofertilizer project. Biofertilizers contain active organisms, which should be operated strictly according to the instructions of the products, otherwise it is difficult to obtain good results. When the biofertilizer is applied to the soil, there is a process of adaptation, growth, feeding and reproduction, which can generally play a role in 15 days, and can provide long-term and balanced nutrition for crops. Biofertilizers should be kept away from light and heat. Biological fertilizers should not be released for a long time and should be selected within the validity period. The number of effective microorganisms in the product decreases gradually with the change of storage time and conditions, and will be invalid if the quantity is too small. In agricultural production, the best choice of the year's products is to use them in time after unpacking.