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Benefits of humic acid biofertilizers in agricultural production

Humic acid has important application value in agriculture. Humic acid biofertilizers is an efficient and harmless organic fertilizer, which can promote plant production and high yield, improve crop quality, and improve the utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, improve soil structure and reduce plant morbidity. Humic acid biofertilizers is more and more popular. There are many advantages of applying humic acid biofertilizers in agricultural production.
humic acid biofertilizers in agricultural production
Humic acid biofertilizers can improve soil environment. Some weak acidic groups contained in humic acid biofertilizers can neutralize with alkaline substances in saline-alkali soil, which can effectively improve the soil pH and reduce the soil salt content. Because of the coagulation and colloidal action of humic acid, humic acid can coagulate with ions in soil, bind dispersed particles in soil, and form soil aggregate structure through a series of physiological actions of plant roots, so humic acid biofertilizers can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil such as air permeability and water absorption.

Humic acid biofertilizers can improve soil fertility. Soil fertility can be characterized by the total amount of microorganisms in the soil and the activity of enzymes in the soil. When humic acid is applied to the soil, some microorganisms in the soil, such as actinomycetes, cellulose-decomposing bacteria, ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and nitrogen-fixing bacteria, have stronger metabolic capacity, faster reproduction speed, more microorganisms and more microbial activities in the soil. At the same time, the activities of some enzymes such as protease, invertase and phosphatase in soil have been improved in varying degrees.

Humic acid biofertilizers improves the growth conditions of trees. Humic acid can significantly promote plant growth when it enters the plant body. When humic acid bio organic fertilizer was applied to trees, the total chlorophyll content and daily average net photosynthetic rate of trees increased to a certain extent.