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Benefit of compost turner machine to make cow dung fertilizer is good

Cattle dung is mainly cellulose, hemicellulose, protein and its decomposition products and various inorganic salts. Unripened cow dung and urine have low fertilizer efficiency. After fermentation and decomposition by turning machine, the fertilizer efficiency can be improved. The application of cattle dung organic fertilizer can make the soil loose, easy to cultivate and improve the soil. Compost turner machine, which produces organic fertilizer from human and cow dung, crop straw and other wastes, is not only an important way for the harmless treatment of organic fertilizer machine and resource utilization, but also a material basis for the development of organic agriculture.
cow dung compost turner machine

Fermentation methods, whether on the ground or in the fermentation tank, require regular turning and crushing of materials to facilitate the full fermentation of materials under aerobic conditions. The mixing and crushing of compost is the production link with the largest amount of organic fertilizer and the highest operating cost. The uniformity and comminution of materials dumped by manual or excavator are poor, the production efficiency is low and the labor intensity is high.
By mixing, crushing and throwing, the compost turner crushes and mixes the raw materials evenly, reduces temperature and humidity, and forms a new aerobic environment in the compost to facilitate the continuous fermentation of raw materials. Moreover, the environment of organic fertilizer turning site is poor, and the compost turner keeps the operator away from the machine to control.