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Fertilizer manufacturing process of cooler machine

In the fertilizer granulation production line, product cooling is one of the important fertilizer manufacturing processes that directly affect product packaging and product quality. If the finished product is not cooled thoroughly before packaging and the packaging temperature is too high, it will cause the finished product to freeze during storage. It is generally required that the product temperature after cooling is about 5 ℃ higher than the average ambient temperature in order to prevent the product surface from absorbing moisture in the atmosphere during short-term bulk storage before bagging.
Fertilizer manufacturing process of cooler machineFertilizer manufacturing process of cooler machine

Cooling in fertilizer manufacturing process is a relatively simple operation process. There are many kinds of cooling machine, the drum cooler is commonly used. The shape of drum cooler is similar to that of drum granulator and drum dryer. Its working principle is the same as that of drum dryer. The difference is that the hot air in drum dryer and the cold air in drum cooler. The hot granular fertilizer enters from the inlet end and the cold air enters from the outlet end. The two countercurrents meet. The granular fertilizer transfers heat to the cold air. When the temperature drops below 50 ℃, the granular fertilizer is discharged from the outlet end. The entrance end of granular fertilizer is the outlet end of air, which is connected with the induced draft fan. At the same time, in order to prevent dust pollution, the cooler is equipped with dust removal device.