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Which fertilizer equipment should be allocated for NPK fertilizer manufacturing process

Fertilizer manufacturing process usually involves the following aspects: Batching, crushing, mixing, granulation, crying, cooling, screening, coating, packing.

Automatic batching system quantitative weighting powder materials, the machine adopts computer scales for automatic control, and uses pneumatic valves to control the main material warehouse for quantitative feeding.
Chain crusher crushing the block materials and mixing them. Different raw materials are fully blended in the mixer.

The granulator for NPK compound fertilizer production includes disc granulator, drum granulator, flat-die granulator and so on. Choose suitable granulator according to fertilizer production process. The granulator makes the mixing powder into granules, and the fertilizer into granules is easy to sow, transport and store.

NPK fertilizers need to be dried when they are granulated. Because the moisture content is too high, the fertilizer is easy to absorb moisture, so it needs to be dried. Drying is an important process in NPK fertilizer production, which directly affects the yield and quality of fertilizer. Select the matching dryer to control the moisture content of fertilizer particles.

The drying material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the cooler for cooling. In the cooling process, the air is sent to the cooler by the induced draft fan to cool the material. The air direction in the cooler is counter-current, and the particles are exchanged with the cold air.

After cooling, the fertilizer particles enter the screening machine, and the qualified particles are screened out by the screening machine and sent to the coating machine. The remaining large particles are crushed and transported to the granulator for re-granulation.
NPK fertilizer manufacturing process
Basic equipment of NPK Fertilizer manufacturing process: batching system, mixer, granulator, dryer machine, cooler mahcine, screening machine, coating machine, etc.
Fertilizer production investment scale is different, not the same production plan. Fertilizer production line according to the raw material, the local soil conditions, crop varieties, market needs, design the size of the site conditions, and related equipment. Zhengzhou Tianci factory formulates different production line schemes according to the different material and output of customers.