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What should we pay attention to when installing NPK fertilizer production line of roller press granulator

Roller press granulator is a common compound fertilizer granulator, because its mature technology is favored by the majority of compound fertilizer manufacturers. Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers specializes in the production of organic fertilizer equipment and NPK fertilizer production equipment. Double roller press granulator is our main equipment. Many customers bought NPK fertilizer production line, because of the incorrect installation of the roller granulator, it brought some troubles to the production. Now let the manufacturer of fertilizer machine briefly introduce the matters needing attention in installing the roller press granulator:

Installation matters of NPK fertilizer production equipment of roller granulator
double roller press granulator
1. The dimension, position and elevation of the foundation should meet the design requirements. The tolerance of plane position is +10 mm and that of elevation is +20 mm.

2. The allowable deviation of the main body of the double roller press granulator is 0-0.5 mm in longitudinal and 0-1 mm in transverse. Small double roller press granulator should not have obvious deflection.

3. The coaxiality of the two axes should be in accordance with the regulations when the driving axle and the driven axle of the double roller granulator are connected by a coupling. Before connecting the motor to the roller extrusion granulator (or transmission), the test of the prime mover should be done, including the correct steering. After the coupling is aligned, the turning should be flexible. After connecting the pipes related to roller press granulator, the correct situation should be checked again.

4. Installation of pipes and fittings connected with roller press granulator shall comply with relevant regulations. The connection parts of the double roller granulator should have good sealing property.

5. Installation height of double roller press granulator should be lower than the maximum height specified by roll extrusion granulator; when the medium temperature is higher, the installation height of roller press granulator should be reduced appropriately to maintain the pressure in the suction pipe and avoid cavitation or poor suction.