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Benefits of Rational Utilization of Biofertilizer Production Equipment to Treat Chicken Manure

Bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer which contains abundant organic matter and beneficial microorganisms. It is necessary for agricultural production. Bio-organic fertilizer is rich in resources and has many kinds and good effects. Good fertilizer needs biological fertilizer production equipment with good quality. Tianci Fertilizer machine manufacturers specializing in the production of fertilizer equipment. Our fertilizer equipment has strong technology and advanced production equipment, which is deeply trusted by users.

Chicken manure is the main source of fertilizer in agricultural production. Rational use of biofertilizer production equipment to treat chicken manure can bring huge benefits to farms and individual farmers. In order to make full use of chicken manure fertilizer resources without harming vegetables, it can be converted into fertilizer by biofertilizer production technology, and the fertility of bio-organic fertilizer in farmland can last longer. The first step to make chicken manure into bio-fertilizer is fermentation and decomposition. Only when chicken manure is fully fermented can it not harm crops.

The following fertilizer machine manufacturers to talk about the treatment of chicken manure biofertilizer production technology, how to fully decompose fermented chicken manure.
chicken manure biofertilizer production
1. Add chicken manure and straw. 1 kg chicken manure plus 150 kg straw must be mixed in accordance with the law of one layer of chicken manure and one layer of straw before fermentation.

2. Use chicken dung and cow dung. 1 kg chicken dung plus 2 kg cow dung, fermentation must be mixed according to the law of one layer of chicken dung and one layer of cow dung, add appropriate amount of water to make it fully decomposed and fermented. In the process of fermentation, windrow compost turning machine is used to turn material, so as to ensure its full maturity and fermentation.

Note: Dried chicken manure belongs to raw chicken manure, which will cause soil hardening and even damage crops when scattered in the ground. If chicken manure is not fully decomposed and fermented, the crops scattered in the field can not absorb nutrients. So we must choose chicken manure which is fully decomposed and fermented as raw material for biofertilizer production.