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Flat Die Pelleting and Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Flow

Using flat die pellet mill to produce organic fertilizer, what are the main components of fertilizer manufacturing process? Fertilizer production process mainly consists of deodorization and dust removal system, fermentation system, grinding system, batching system, drying system, granulation system and screening system. The flat die pelleting fertilizer manufacturing process first eliminates the odor of livestock and poultry manure. In fermentation, straw, plant residue, weed powder and other materials should be added proportionally. During composting, the crude fibers in the material were decomposed by fermentation bacteria. Fermentation material which completes composting and maturation process is fed into fertilizer production line. Before mixing and stirring of raw materials, N, P, K and some other trace elements should be added into the mixing system according to the formula, and the mixing materials should be transported to the fertilizer granulator machine, and then into the cooling system after the dryer. The materials should be cooled to room temperature and then screened. The qualified particles should be put into the coating machine to wrap the coating film and then packed, and the unsatisfactory particles should be packed. The granules are reverted to the fertilizer manufacturing process by the crusher and re-granulated.

Flat die pellet mill is mainly composed of feed hopper, pressing roller, die orifice plate, gearbox, motor and frame. The motor transfers power to the gearbox through a set of bevel gears, changes the steering, drives the rotation of the flat die or the roller, realizes the relative movement of the roller and the flat die, squeezes the powder material into the die hole of the flat die, rotates the cutter at low speed under the hole of the flat die, and cuts the extruded cylindrical fertilizer according to the required length. The flat die pellet mill has simple structure, strong adaptability, uniform particle composition and neat shape, and is suitable for granulation of carbon-based fertilizer with more fibers.
flat die pellet mill
Decomposed materials are generally of coarse texture, poor cohesiveness and difficult to granulate, which has long been the bottleneck of organic fertilizer production. The extrusion granulation method of flat die pellet mill solves the problem of difficult granulation of organic fertilizer, and greatly improves the granulation efficiency of fertilizer manufacturing process with more fibre.