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Benefits of mixed production of NPK fertilizer and organic fertilizer

Chemical fertilizer is characterized by high nutrient content, fast fertilizer efficiency and short duration, and single nutrient. Although organic fertilizer can supply organic matter needed by soil, it has low nutrient content, slow fertilizer efficiency and long duration. Therefore, the mixed application of chemical fertilizer and agricultural organic fertilizer can learn from each other. NPK fertilizer and organic fertilizer can supply all the nutrients needed for crop growth after mixed use, and organic fertilizer can be properly mixed into the ingredients of NPK fertilizer production line.

It can reduce nutrient fixation and improve fertilizer efficiency
After NPK fertilizer is applied into the soil, some nutrients will be absorbed or fixed by the soil, thus reducing the availability of nutrients. If mixed with organic matter, the contact surface between fertilizer and soil can be reduced, thus reducing the chance of being fixed by soil.
It can keep the storage, reduce the loss and improve the nutrient absorption conditions of crops
The solubility of chemical fertilizer is high, which will cause high osmotic pressure to the soil and affect the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, which increases the chance of nutrient loss. If it is mixed with organic fertilizer, this disadvantage can be avoided. This effect can be achieved by mixing chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer and granulating with organic fertilizer granulator.
It can adjust soil pH and improve soil structure
Organic fertilizer is the raw material of microbial life. Chemical fertilizer provides inorganic nutrition for microbial growth and development. The mixture of the two can promote the activity of microorganism and promote the decomposition of organic fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer production equipment processing high-quality fertilizer containing organic fertilizer, NPK fertilizer and other nutrients is a better protection measure for cultivated land resources, which is beneficial to the present and future.