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Practical bio-organic fertilizer composting fermentation equipment and principles

Bio-organic fertilizer has complete nutrient elements, which can not only improve soil compaction and soil improvement caused by the use of chemical fertilizers, but also enhance the ability of fertilizer, fertilizer and water retention. The poultry manure processed by the compost turning equipment can improve the soil with good fertilizer efficiency. With an organic fertilizer granulator, it can be further made into high-quality organic fertilizer.

The utility model relates to a tank type fermentation method, which comprises the following steps:
1. The fermentation tank with brick concrete structure is built under or on the ground.
2. The bottom surface of the fermentation tank is hardened with concrete, and 1 ~ 3 ventilation ditches are evenly set up. On the two long sides of the aeration ditch, 5 cm deep and 10 ~ 15 cm wide steps are reserved from the bottom surface of the fermentation tank.
3. The supporting permeable plate is erected on the steps to cover the ventilation ditch.
4. The materials to be fermented are evenly stacked in the whole fermentation tank to start fermentation. Because the material in the tank is supported by the permeable plate, the excessive moisture in the material seeps into the bottom of the fermentation tank through the permeable plate, which is easy to pollute the groundwater. The height of the existing fermentation tank is usually less than 1.5 meters, so the material handling capacity is limited.

Working principle of trough compost turning machine

From the end of the fermentation tank, the fermented materials are transported away, and the space (one day's treatment capacity) vacated at the front end of the fermentation tank is added with new fermentation materials, thus forming a continuous fermentation process. Under the transportation of longitudinal and transverse traveling mechanism, the high-speed rotating agitator throws up and scatters the fermentation materials, and produces certain displacement, which makes the materials move backward in a regular and equal distance in the tank. The materials were fermented once and aged twice.
In general, when equipped with displacement vehicle, the tipper can be used in one machine with multiple tanks for aerobic fermentation, and can be used with solar fermentation chamber, fermentation tank and shift truck. Organic fertilizer production equipment greatly improves the production efficiency of compost fermentation.