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How to buy a cost-effective fertilizer disc granulator

The common disc granulator machine in the market is suitable for pelletizing of powder, small granular or small pieces of materials, such as pulverized coal, cement, clinker, chemical fertilizer, etc. It is necessary to use special disc granulator for some special materials. For example, many fertilizer enterprises need to use stainless steel disc granulator.
The plate bottom of the disc organic fertilizer granulator is strengthened by a number of radiant steel plates, which is firm and durable and permanent. The thickened, weighted and firm base of the organic fertilizer disc granulator makes it possible to operate smoothly without anchor bolts.

When purchasing equipment, first consider the production capacity of the NPK fertilizer production line purchased, the type and model specifications of the granulator. If you want to buy cost-effective granulator equipment, don't just recognize the type and model specification, because the output value and output corresponding to the type, model specification of different manufacturers are different. After you have selected the right pelletizing equipment, it is very necessary to go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection.
Many customers who buy the disc granulator have a clear understanding of all mechanical aspects of the pelletizing equipment. The pelletizing equipment produced by technical manufacturers will not make up for the number. Such manufacturers put quality first, and the last consideration is sustainable development.