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Viewing the advantages of organic fertilizer manufacturers from trough composting

The compost turning machine adopts the fermentation tank mode to produce organic fertilizer. It is a kind of organic fertilizer produced by putting the raw materials in the fermentation tank. The materials are turned, stirred and broken in the tank, so that the materials can be fermented, matured and degraded. It is easier to obtain stable product performance and better odor control effect than static composting.
trough compost turning machinetrough compost turning machine

The overall automation degree of the compost turner machine can be higher, and the land occupation can be saved. Fermentation tank is to build two walls on the flat ground to form one or more fermentation tanks. The tank tipper works on the fermentation tank and is usually driven by motor. Due to the high-speed rotation of the drum, the blades on the drum are broken and mixed in the fermentation tank. At the same time, the materials are overturned by the drum and stacked loosely. The utility model can drive the rotary drum of the utility model and realize the rotation of the roller. The compost after fermentation can be processed by disc granulator machine.