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Main production process guidance of organic fertilizer production equipment

Organic fertilizer is a natural fertilizer, but also an important part of sustainable development of human agriculture, so people pay more and more attention to the production of organic fertilizer. The following introduces the main production process of organic fertilizer production equipment and the relevant situation of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment.

Organic fertilizer production process is generally divided into: fermentation, crushing, ingredients, mixing, molding, drying, cooling, screening, packaging. Of course, some high-end fertilizers will add slurry to make the fertilizer look more beautiful.

1. The first is the fermentation equipment. Most organic fertilizer manufacturers will use the composting fermentation. The key point of composting fermentation is the strain. Only when there are good strains can we get high-quality organic fertilizer. Then there is the crushing equipment. The more commonly used crushing equipment in the organic fertilizer industry is the chain crusher. 

2. Then there is the batching equipment. The batching equipment is divided into manual batching scale and computer batching scale. As the name implies, it is manual weighing equipment and computer automatic weighing equipment. According to the size of the manufacturer and the difficulty of ingredients, the equipment suitable for them will be selected. Here we mainly talk about the computer batching scale. The computer batching scale can evenly configure several or more kinds of different raw materials and trace elements. It can also be seen that the development of electronic products in China is very rapid. Followed by mixing equipment, organic fertilizer industry in the more commonly used mixing equipment is the disc mixer.

3. Focus on the granulation equipment, which is divided into disc granulator machine, rotary drum granulator, flat die pellet mill, ring die pelleting machine and organic fertilizer granulator. According to the characteristics of different raw materials, different granulation methods should be selected. Screening machines and packaging machines are general equipment and do not need to be discussed. These are the components of the organic fertilizer production line equipment.