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Benefits of using biofertilizer in agricultural production

Biofertilizer contains a variety of beneficial microbial flora, which can improve soil quality, increase soil labor and maintain ecological environment. Moreover, the biofertilizer production is convenient and the fertilizer equipment is simple. It is an important fertilizer for agricultural production and application.

Because bio organic fertilizer contains a large number of living microorganisms, soil microbial enzymes activity is significantly increased after application, which promotes the release of insoluble mineral nutrients in soil. At the same time, some microorganisms can secrete phytohormones to promote crop growth, and some fungi can decompose organic matter in soil. It releases sugars, promotes the growth of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and further improves the soil nutrient availability, with the increase of beneficial microorganisms. In this way, the soil fertility is improved because the soil fertility and water retention properties are strengthened. Organic matter is decomposed by microorganism and condensed into new humus. It can combine with clay and calcium ions in soil, form organic-inorganic complex, promote soil structure improvement, reduce soil bulk density, and coordinate the contradiction of water, fertilizer, gas and heat in soil, and improve soil physical and chemical properties.

Biofertilizer reduce the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests. This is because the bio-organic fertilizer contains a variety of non-pathogenic microbial populations. After the bio-organic fertilizer enters the soil, the beneficial bacteria multiply in the rhizosphere and form a high-quality population in the root zone of the plant, thereby inhibiting the propagation of rhizosphere pathogens. Moreover, it can stimulate crop growth, develop root system, promote the synthesis of chlorophyll, protein and nucleic acid, and improve the stress resistance of crops, thereby reducing and reducing the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests.
biofertilizer production

Biofertilizer production is a trend. As fertilizer machine manufacturers, we can plan the specific process of biofertilizer production for fertilizer plants and customize professional fertilizer production projects for users. Our main products, fertilizer granulator, fertilizer screener machine, compost turner, rotary dryer, etc., can meet the needs of biofertilizer production.