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Biofertilizer production and application effect analysis

Biofertilizer (also known as bacterial fertilizer and inoculant) is a kind of microbial living products that cause crops to get specific fertilizer effects by microbial life activities and their products. The core of this kind of biofertilizer is the microbial species, which determines its application effect. Due to the wide variety of microorganisms and diverse mechanisms of action, and reflecting diverse functions, the potential for biofertilizer production and application is enormous.

Biofertilizer application effect analysis
According to the action mechanism of biofertilizer, the function of biofertilizer producing strains can be summarized into fiveaspects.
(1) Biofertilizer provides or activates nutrient functions, including the ability to dissolve inorganic phosphorus, decompose organic phosphorus, nitrogen fixation (symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria, autotrophic nitrogen-fixing bacteria and combined nitrogen-fixing bacteria), potassium-dissolving ability and the ability to dissolve medium elements.

(2) Biofertilizer can produce active substances to promote crop growth, including gibberellin, indole acetic acid, cytokinin and so on, so as to improve the quality of agricultural products.

(3) Biofertilizer promotes the maturation of organic materials, such as cellulase production, xylanase production and protease production.
biofertilizer production and application effect
(4) Biofertilizers enhance the stress resistance function of crops, such as the ability to reduce the occurrence of crop pests and diseases (condition index) or improve crop resistance to lodging, drought, cold, and overcome crop continuous cropping obstacles.

(5) Soil improvement and remediation by bio-fertilizer, including soil improvement (soil bulk density, aggregate structure, nutrient supply, microbial population structure and quantity in soil, etc.) and soil remediation (It can reduce the content of pesticide residues, heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances in test crops or soil).

Biofertilizer production
In the fertilizer manufacturing process, biofertilizer is mainly produced by adding biological bacteria into organic matter, and then feeding materials containing appropriate biological bacteria proportion into fertilizer granulator machine for granulation. Biofertilizer production process differs from other fertilizer granulation manufacturing processes in that the raw materials of the fertilizer granulator are different, so the Biofertilizer production process is realized.