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Characteristics of horizontal mixer for fertilizer production line

The horizontal mixer is suitable for mixing various materials in NPK fertilizer production line: Various dry and wet materials, fertilizer raw materials, chemical raw materials, mortar, powder, feed materials, etc.

Working mode of horizontal mixer

The rotation speed of the reducer drive shaft and the structure of the paddle will weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, the difference of particle size and specific gravity of each material is ignored in the mixing process. The intense stirring reduces the mixing time. Materials in the staggered arrangement of the mixing blades quickly and violently toss, to achieve the mixing effect. The evenly mixed materials are transported to the disc granulator machine for granulation.
The horizontal mixer is changed from the original spiral belt type to the present spiral belt paddle type structure, mixing materials are more uniform, almost no mixing time, and the screw feeder with belt can discharge after the material is loaded. The new rotor structure, the clearance between the rotor and the shell can be adjusted to close to zero, and the mixing uniformity is high, which can effectively avoid the material residue and wall sticking.
horizontal mixer for fertilizer production line

NPK fertilizer production line horizontal mixer not only has a complete model, but also has many varieties. We have many years of production experience and high-quality front-line production personnel, creating a huge market for Tianci fertilizer machinery factory. Our factory can choose ordinary carbon steel and stainless steel according to the nature of the materials. The price is different with different equipment materials.