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High cost performance organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine

Tank type double screw turner is the key to the treatment of fermentation materials in organic fertilizer production equipment. The treated excrement is almost odorless and sticky, and can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer. Compost turning machine has semi-automatic control operation and remote control device, which can reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Fermentation treatment of organic fertilizer

1. Compost turning machine is a kind of turning equipment running on the track laid in advance. The fermentation tank must be built first, and the fermentation tank must be laid with track. The difference between the tank Tipper and the self-propelled tipper is that it runs along the track and can turn the materials in the fermentation tank back and forth. The compost turner has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, strong durability and even turning and throwing.

2. The turner machine realizes manual and semi-automatic control functions through the control cabinet. The motor directly transmits the power to the cycloid pinwheel reducer through the sprocket to the turning drum. The stirring blades on the drum are spirally distributed, which can turn the material in the fermentation tank to a position 0.7-1m away. The turning speed is fast and the mixing effect is even, so as to achieve full contact between the material and the air, so that the fermentation effect of the material is better. The fermented compost is further made into pellets by the organic fertilizer granulator, which can obtain higher income.
compost turning machinecompost turning machine

Advantages of compost turning machine

1. The trough type double screw turner moves through the displacement car installed at the bottom. Mechanical configuration of high-pressure forced oxygen supply system, can make use of the oxygen at the bottom of the tank to supply oxygen to the material evenly, which is convenient for fermentation. The side of fermentation tank is equipped with fixed copper sliding contact cable to ensure safety, reliability and durability.

2. The compost turning machine has high cost performance and low investment threshold, which is conducive to the investment and construction of agricultural plants and the comprehensive environmental protection treatment of feces. It changes the environment, turns waste into treasure, recycles and benefits the society.